Physical Security


Cutting edge Intelligent video surveillance system is useful to protect national heritage, Key infrastructure. Municipalities / Key infrastructure security

Key Features

  • Detection of High Accuracy by PTZ Auto Tracking
  • Vehicle of interest detection by license plate recognition
  • Algorithm specialized with fire detection
  • Special function(defog, Stabilization)
  • Panoramic View


  • IntelliVIX-G100, G200, M200P, P400, RAS
  • PanoVIX-180VA
  • iSLD-1000



With the most advanced video analytics solution, retail solution is good for grasping visitor tendency, popular zone and useful for marketing. Retail solution

Key Features

  • Retail service specialized for the store
  • Visitor, traffic volume counting in the store
  • Customer preference in the store
  • Analysis data using heatmap


  • IntelliVIX-G100, M200F, FRS

Traffic Surveillance


with the most advanced video analytics technology, highway or tunnel accident, vehicle reverse direction, traffic congestion, fire accident is analyzed in real time and notified to monitoring administrator Traffic surveillance solution

Key Features

  • Reverse direction
  • Fire detection
  • Traffic congestion
  • Traffic volume counting


  • IntelliVIX-R200, RAS

Face Analysis


With video analytics solution based on deep learning technology, it is useful for security and marketing with making the use of face detection, age/gender estimation, person of interest recognition. Face detection solution

Key Features

  • Counting with face detection
  • Measurement of interest with face tracking
  • Age/Gender classification based on deep learning technology
  • Access control with face recognition
  • Person of interest Classification


  • IntelliVIX-M200F, FRS, RAS

Embedded VA


With Embedded engine based cross platform, it can be applied to CPU based on ARM and it can be provided as appliance with wide field experience and high level technology in security marketing embedded solution

Key Features

  • Camera mounted
  • NVR mounted
  • Embedded device



Smart Parking


Unique design, customized systems : entries, exits, traffic flow, guidance systems and access management for every parking project.

Key Features

  • Automated And Unmanned Car Park Operations
  • Physical Security and Safety for parking
  • Accident and Dispute Resolution
  • Total Surveillance through Video Streams and Archiving
  • Efficient management, energy saving and reducing labor costs


  • CV /DNN : VIX-100B & VIX-110B
  • CV /DNN : VIX-200P & VIX-220P
  • CV /DNN : VIX-200F, VIX-FRS & VIX-220F, VIX-FRS

IP Cameras


With up to date professional IP cameras and NVR optimized for IntelliVIX Software and solutions, you can create a cost effective, easily scalable video network monitoring system for various applications across the industries

Network Video Recorder

Easy-to-install and reliable High Definition Network Video Recorder perfectly adapted to our network products for your surveillance situations


12Megapixel, S+265 compression, 20CH 2HDD PSE NVR with 16 PoE interfaces

Network Camera 

Network cameras are widely used in various applications and vertical industries. Our network cameras provide high quality images across a range of lighting conditions providing constant surveillance of monitored areas.




2MP Starlight Motorized IR Bullet Camera



2MP Starlight Motorized Vandalproof IR Dome Camera


2MP H.265 IR Dome Camera